Thursday, February 4, 2010

It Seems It Really Is Who You Know and Being Yourself

I'm just saying, although my career has provided excellent opportunities to be recognized for skills/knowledge, it turns out it REALLY IS WHO YOU KNOW, or so it seems.

Here I am at 437 applications which, averaged 1 interview per 100 applications registered. It seems that interview #5 was the ringer not only because of what I know but, the hiring Director was a previous customer I had known and respected for many years. Yes, too, I believe it was my skills/knowledge levels that got me through the HR interview but the Director recommended me.

The career transition meetings I attended, Bridgebuilders, were correct; prepare yourself for standard interview questions but most importantly be relaxed and yourself. I walked away from the interview confident the crosstalk was comfortable and without pretense. Unless something comes up from the background check, I should be employed by February 8th.

So what did I learn?
  1. Have your resume ironed out before applying (obviously).
  2. Be dressed for success. This too means that you ask the interviewer what the proper dress for the day of the interview should be.
  3. Be relaxed but showing proper business decorum and
  4. BE YOURSELF (unless your interview is for an acting position and then just make sure you're playing the correct character).

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