Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make Something from the Waiting Game

The beginning of the week brought on challenges again. It was as if the job market had closed its doors on all positions I've been looking for; little to no job alerts and little to no career sites postings. I suppose, I could sit and wait for a reaction to the 400+ applications I've registered since April 2009. What's the old saying? Oh yeah, 'Idle hands (mind) are the devils workshop'.

I started taking on-line (eLearning) courses again (already finished 27) through my recruitment agency which offers a plethora of on-line courses to refresh or provide additional knowledge levels for many industries. It really assists on keeping my mind from wandering and wondering what's happening in the job transition world and aids or enhances my already over-qualification for many positions.

Funny, Marie said that I might be over doing it. She said if previous recruiters said I was over-qualified for several positions then, why keep taking these courses? I said, if potential companies turn me down because of over-qualification then, I probably didn't want to work for such a short sighted organization. To turn me down would be like a general contractor who turns down a carpenter because he happens to be an Architect.

2 more courses completed this week.

You don't understand anything until you learn it more than one way. ~Marvin Minsky

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  1. Good way to be pro-active. I'd say idle hands are more dangerous than over doing it. As I tell the kids (very simple wisdom) do you best and let God take care of the rest. Keep the faith!!