Sunday, September 5, 2010

Slow Twitch People Working with Fast Twitch People

I apologize for the long over-due blog update. I can tell you, it certainly wasn't because I didn't want to write but rather, to find my free time from the new position I was offered. Unlike other Baby-Boomers who have succumbed to the economic crisis, I was blessed with an opportunity to get back to work, as I mentioned in earlier blogs, after a long productive career of 36 years with another major company who couldn't figure out how to use my value-add.

Working with *FAST-TWITCH people (FTP) can take its toll physically and spiritually as the Fast-Twitch members are certainly more secure in this business and technical expertise then **SLOW-TWITCH person (STP); primarily because the FTP's are in unfamiliar territory. In many cases the OJT is like someone trying to teach a person how to drive a car over the telephone. Pretty scary.

I see where issues such as this cause anxiety and feelings of in adequacy, yep, even to the extent of ulceration. This can be a hindrance to many FTP as they strive to be recognized for their performance providing quick solution turnaround within an arena of business that can only be considered a high-twitch environment.

All I am saying is, I think the FTP needs to realize there is a place for a STP in this world. Long, slow and steady has always been my philosophy. A cross-country team has a myriad of talent between STP and FTP members. I have let the FTP affect my attitude. I have let "them" control my feelings and behavior. Well, that's my next hurdle.

I am a STP. My previous successes can be attributed to integrity, character, mentoring from LONG, SLOW and STEADY performance. There is a place in every business/department that has, no requires STP people. Look behind you FTP, I am there to support you. We're a team. I am not here to beat anyone but myself.

By the way, I think the STPs say a lot in how they perform as can be attested from a recent publication:

*Comes from the human muscle's ability to rapidly fire or best said determines if runners are suited for sprints. I use the term to represent tenured I/T individuals

** Comes from the human muscle's ability to fire slowly or best said determines if runners are suited for long distances such a marathons. I use this term to represent entry-level or freshman.

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