Monday, November 22, 2010

Unconditional Patience

I am very late in writing this as I have been for most of my blogs.I write this piece in hope many might pass this along to others who might benefit from a first hand account of one who most certainly praises those "unconditional patient" individuals and their perseverance in the face of personal delays.

I recently was forced to take a 30-day medical leave to surgically correct a major physical issue. This required a 3-hour medical procedure followed up with an anticipated 90-day recovery. The first 30 days is mostly bed/house confinement with a significant amount of P/T in just 4 weeks in order to return back to work quickly. I have been privileged with unconditional patience from a caring and cooperative family and friends. It forces me to really be dependent on many to do the most mundane tasks because I cannot, from helping me dress, tying my shoes or to just listening to me whine about my temporary handicap. These tasks leave me feeling helpless but identifies those willing and unconditionally to interrupt their daily activities to ensure I can maintain my sanity. I found myself literally weeping (actually outright crying) a couple of times because of a character flaw, fear of asking for help and what I perceived as weakness.

I believed I can conquer anything. We see how may handicap individuals conquered greater challenges then mine. I can do this too. Many handicap individuals will never complain rather, they just do it. What I never really thought about were all the individuals who contributed to this person's success and recovery without merit. The Contributors didn't need to be the ones who said, ' he/she couldn't do it without me'. They did it so the person can see/believe in the accomplishment at the end.

"Unconditional patience" from all (most importantly my wife Mo) has lead me to observe other aspects of our lives missing this needed character trait. The willingness of others to unconditionally drop what they are doing to help in the success of another individual(s) without recognition/merit.

It is this fear I believe I conquered during this short period. I have experienced the necessity of others (not all) to berate, ridicule or point to weakness/flaws when asked for help. It was not enough for these self-centered people to just cooperate and give unconditionally. It is this self-centered person that has the attitude , WHY CAN'T THIS PERSON BE LIKE ME. I continue to observe this daily or hear from others who have.

It is evident we humble ourselves when asking for help.

It is a shame the receivers for such requests don't see the opportunity to cooperate.

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