Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why the Anxiety?

I just completed my first 3-person interview. Frankly, I was expecting a firing squad of questions. It was about 7 questions. I spent 3 days studying the company profile, memorizing specific company financial statistics and the latest broadcast news. None of this information was ever asked. So why the anxiety?

I continue to receive those email alerts from "those professional job sites" about what you should focus for interviews and frankly, they were about 90 degrees off.
The interviewers asked questions about experience and how I perceive myself professionally. Let's face it, if you don't know yourself by now then, yes, study and re-study by WRITING DOWN things about your previous positions like:

What's your best working quality?
What's your least quality? and how can you improve?
What makes or does not make you a Team Leader?
What was the most challenging part of your last position?

These are questions that you have to qualify without stumbling over yourself and should already reflect many parts the resume. I was comfortable. I had good eye contact with each individual in the group and I did not fidget during the question or answering. So why the anxiety?

My son pointed out, "Dad, own the room when you walk in. Take control. You start off the conversation as soon as possible with the introduction and relaxing cross-table talk until everyone's ready, then pause, and hand it back to them"

It worked. Now it's a waiting game.

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