Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hope for the Best

Well the tide turned this week. Yep, I had my very first interview with a local company. The opportunity was a grand one that may have lead from temporary to employee but it just wasn't meant to be. I spent about 72 hours cramming for a myriad of possible questions that could be asked. I toiled over numerous adequate answers and ended with studying/typing out many good answers but to no avail.

I was confident I did well. The interview ended with "we'll get back to you". We all linger in the purgatory "waiting for the telephone to ring". It's an arduous waiting game and when it rang it the message was delivered well. I didn't throw my hands up in the air. I didn't fall down on the floor and stamp my feet. I didn't go upstairs and curl up in a fetal position. I understood that someone had bested me. Hey, I know it happens. To possibly believe that NO ONE is better then yourself is just plain prideful.

There is some chance that I'll lose heart but I'll keep right on looking. I've great skills and an indomitable and persevering spirit. I've dealt with other minor disappointments as some of my life's circumstances are illustrative of that but, you don't look back on interruptions. Your compass should be pointing true.

I've moved on today. Its time for me to roll back the sleeves and see what else is out there (actually I never stopped) and find some additional every other day activities to improve my skill sets.

It's all in the attitude.

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