Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Feel Really Good About Myself

Yep. I picked up the news paper this morning to read that California's Unemployment jumped yet again but it didn't matter after reading 3 other articles, that made me feel better about judgements made or decision making. Now, I admit the articles had nothing to do with unemployment or career opportunity but I felt much better about myself after reading the.

In short;

1. I have continued issue with the morons who actually believe OUTDOOR SMOKING SHOULD BE BANNED because of health and trash. Yes, smoking is bad...yaduh, yaduh, yaduh. It's published and known since the 50's - duh. It's a personal decision regarding health, stay out of smokers personal decisions PERIOD. Frankly, the non-smoker seated nearest you would have to be VERY CLOSE and privy DAILY/hourly to smoke intake. Highly improbably. Oh and by the way California has one of the highest obesity rates.
So let's focus on the other reason for the ban that really bothers me; it produces trash. This is why I believe morons supporting this and implementing the regulations need to be slapped along side the head. Every consumer product produces trash! Here is a thought-ENFORCE THE LITTER LAWS.

2. A lawyer is looking to represent a "RAPIST-MURDERER" from a 2nd attempt at a lethal injection because ( note- 1st injection was a failure. The state could not locate a vein) , are you sitting down?, CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT.
Someone get me a 2x4 so I can slap this lawyer (or for that matter any person) who would support such moronic effort. Did the rapist-murderer inflict cruel/unusual punishment to HIS victims? It isn't like we should turn a check on this one. Sorry. Shakespeare was right "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers".

3. Lastly, a CRIMINALLY INSANE KILLER escaped from a county fair. Yep, can you believe it? Let me make it more unbelievable. He was on a, gulp~!, Field Trip. Some mental-institute decision maker thought it would be a wonderful idea to take him (and others) on a field trip. I don't even know how to comment on this.

So let me conclude. I may have made some poor judgements or decisions in my past or even most recently BUT, I sure am feeling good about myself today.

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